10 unique ways

10 unique ways to say thanks for birthday wishes

Most people say thank you for the nice birthday wish they received and they force a smile. Let’s find out some nicer, funnier or more unique ways to thank that person for being friendly and remembering your day of birth.

  1. Ask that person where your present is?
  2. Thank you for reminding me I’m getting closer to death.
  3. Write thank-you cards before your birthday and hand them out to people who give you a birthday card.
  4. Write a little post on your favourite type of social media to thank all of your online friends. Don’t forget, not everyone has an online profile. And for all the bloggers out there don’t forget your followers.
  5. Get your own thanks-for-birthday-wishes t-shirt. Don’t forget to order it at least a week before your big day.
  6. Tell the person to put the money where the mouth is. Be a little bit carefull when saying this one, not everyone will appriciate this one.
  7. Make a short video and place it on Youtube. This video can be used in mail, social media and on your blog.
  8. Go to your favorite bar and buy all your friends a beer.
  9. If you know your way around the kitchen you can create the nicest things to thank your friends and family.
  10. Throw a Fabulous birthday party!!!

These tips should help if to thank all those fantastic people! Try them out and make sure not to forget any of your loved ones! More posts coming soon so don’t forget to check my blog.


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