Thank you Gif images

Pick one of these glossy images with a .gif extension. Every one of these contains a little bit of movement to make the image a bit more interactive. A great way to say thank you for all the kind birthday wishes you received. The .gif extension can be used on allmost all the social networks or can be e-mailed  to your loved ones.

A simple but very lovely image. Thank your family and friends for their kind birthday wishes.

This funny little man sets the mood right. A hilarious image that can be used for multiple purposes. Everybody likes this one, it can make anybody laugh. This one is a fantastic way of thanking people for the sweet birthday wishes you’ve got from them.

Sparkling stars give just the little extra to this picture. The message is short but it’s created very nice. The characters have got a bit of shade, this makes them look like being in 3D. Another fantastic way of thanking everyone for remembering you on that special day.

This cute little cat is surrounded by glitter and shiny sparks.

This is a lovely and very sweet picture. Dancing cupcakes and a text surrounded by hearts make this one an absolute favourite.

This cute little puppy will make many hearts melt. An image like this one always does the trick. Most women and children immediately fall in love with this little doggy. A very sweet way of thanking family and/ or friends for all the nice birthday wishes you received.

I hope you enjoy these images and they can be of any use. The last one with the little puppy in it can be used to thank someone for any occasion. This collection will keep groing as I will add some extra as I come up with them on the World Wide Web.


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