Thank you for birthday wishes

Here are some examples with the .jpg and .png extension. The second page containes the more interactive images with the .gif extension. Pick one of these to show you are thankful for reminding you on your birthday.

This stylish picture says it all. It’s a much wanted picture for an older and more mature audience or a much more formal way of saying thank you for the birthday wishes.

No one ever forgot about the cutest bird on the whole planet. This cartoon character has been around since 1942 and got famous by saying; ‘I tawt I taw a puddy tat’. Even today this little bird still puts a smile on the face of many women and children. This picture is a very nice way to thank friends and/ or family for the lovely birthday wishes you received.

This image is taken from a different angle than usual and doesn’t mis it’s modern and stylish effect. A younger and more intellectual audience will certainly appreciate this simple but trendy picture. Thank your loved ones on a unique way for the nice birthday wishes you received on your birthday.

‘Less is more’ still proves to have a certain credibility. This simple composition takes the picture right to point. This one can be used for all audiences and the smiley you can see on the picture will set the mood right.

Different pictures for different audiences. I will try to add some more examples to the collection on a regular basis. I hope the above four items can be of any use. Now don’t forget to say thanks to people who think of you on the most special day of the year. If you click on the pictures you will get them full size.


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