Welcome to my blog! Let me explain what you can find here and why I’ve created all of this. It happens every year to me and the rest of the world. You get lots of birthday wishes in your mailbox, on your cellphone and since a couple of years even on the web in all kinds of social media. Normally you just say thanks and leave it at that, but not such a long time ago I received ‘complaints’ for doing so, I should be more ‘creative’ because they are sending me a ‘unique’ birthday message.

So I created this blog. I searched the internet and brainstormed for a few moments and have come up with some nice suggestions. On the World Wide Web you can find a lot of nice images to say thank you for all the birthday wishes you received. You can find several of them here on my blog. So if it’s almost your birthday, pick one of the images you can find here and you can thank people on a nice and original way.

On the website you can find two different kinds of images. The first collection are .jpg and .png, we use those extensions the most in our daily life. I’ve created a second page for images with the .gif extension. These last ones are more interactive because they contain a little bit of movement. Both of the extensions are accepted on most of the social networks. Choosing between the different extentions is more a matter of personal preference.

I already uploaded a nice collection of images and more will follow. Now you are able of saying thank you for all those birthday wishes, saying thank you in an original and cool way.

I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed creating this blog.